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Creative Tours is helping you leave the area better than you found it! We are partnering with Reforest and Visit Sunshine Coast to make a positive change to climate action. Reforest helps us by planting trees that contribute to the long-term regeneration of native ecosystems and landscapes.

As part of this Sustainability Program, we’ve used the carbon calculator to determine our footprint and are actively working to remove our emissions, as well as contributing by planting trees locally. By simply adding in your travel itinerary, you can use the Trip CO₂ Calculator to estimate your carbon footprint and present you with options to remove the CO₂ emissions from your trip.

Click here to calculate your CO₂ emissions 

This is a partnership between Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC), Reforest and tourism businesses empowering visitors to understand their impact on the local environment and play a role in actively regenerating native landscapes. Reforest is a Queensland company that provides a way for businesses to take climate action.

Creative Tours strives to lessen the environmental impact of our business, while at the same time increase social and economic benefits to our community. 

To reduce our environmental impact, we focus on the following key strategies; 

    • Participating in the Reforest / Visit Sunshine Coast campaign – through this campaign we have calculated our CO2 footprint (30t per annum). This will guide our future environmental planning to reduce this amount through planting trees locally through the Reforest platform.
    • This CO2 trip calculator is shared with guests when they book so they can also calculate and offset their travel.
    • Prioritising use of sustainable products and purchasing from environmentally responsible businesses and local businesses wherever possible. 
    • Partnerships with environmentally focused local businesses
    • Email confirmations with no paper ticket printed (noted on confirmation)
    • Fleet – vehicles are maintained and regularly serviced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • Removal of all single use plastic items – customers encouraged to bring their own water bottles instead of supplying single use. 
    • Staff issued re-useable coffee cups and water bottles
    • Sustainable Tourism accreditation through the Quality Tourism Framework.
  • Promoting Local and Seasonal Eating: By focusing on the journey of food from farm to fork, the tour highlights the benefits of eating locally and seasonally. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation and supports farming practices that are more in harmony with local ecosystems.
  • Highlighting Sustainable Farming Practices: Farm visits that showcase sustainable agricultural practices, such as crop rotation, organic farming, or permaculture, educate participants on environmentally friendly farming. This not only helps protect the local environment but also demonstrates the feasibility and benefits of sustainable agriculture.

In the planning and preparation of tours we consider our business lessens the environmental impact by reducing the number of cars on the road, compared to if customers were to all drive themselves to visit the same venues.

Partnerships with environmentally focused businesses and organisations such as:

  • Brouhaha Brewery – this is our lunch venue for several tours. Use of solar, sustainable packaging, and the restaurant sources its food from local suppliers within 100km and practices a nose to tail philosophy.
  • Good Harvest Organic Farm – part of our Farm to Fork Tour – is an organic farm that practices sustainable farming and imparts this message to our customers on tour.
  • We ensure our modern fleet of vehicles is well-maintained and regularly serviced.
  • Removal of all single use plastic items – we now encourage customers to bring their own water bottles instead of supplying single use on tour.
  • In the planning and preparation of our tours, we consider that our business lessens the environmental impact by reducing the number of cars on the road, compared to if customers were to all drive themselves to visit the same venues.

To reduce the environmental impact of our office:

  • Installation of solar power and use of energy efficient lighting and equipment
  • Reduce vehicle use outside of tours by ensuring offsite meetings are kept to a minimum, instead offering phone/video call options.
  • Reduce printing – the office is working towards a paper free environment by 2023 and printing has been reduced significantly.
  • Paperless billing
  • Recycling – encouraging staff to recycle beer cans at the local container refund point with any money received funding staff socials.
  • Plastic free – the business supports local initiatives around a plastic free community. We don’t supply or encourage the use of plastic bags, plastic straws or disposable coffee cups.

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