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Discover Culinary Delights on the Sunshine Coast: A Food Lover's Guide to 2024 Festivals

Creative Tours have carefully curated a range of authentic local foodie experiences for this some amazing food festivals in 2024. Read on for more information

Attention food enthusiasts! If you’re eager to explore new flavours and indulge in gourmet experiences, mark your calendars for a tantalizing journey through the Sunshine Coast’s premier food festivals in 2024. The region, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant food scene, is hosting three major culinary events that promise to delight your senses: GourMay, Noosa Eat & Drink, and The Curated Plate. Here’s your ultimate guide to making the most of these gastronomic gatherings.


Experience the Magic of GourMay – 1st May to 1st June

Kicking off the food festival season, GourMay offers a unique blend of local and artisanal foods set against the scenic backdrop of the beautiful Mary Valley. This year, Creative Tours has put together a festival exclusive “Mary Valley Rattler & Food Experience.” Imagine savouring local produce aboard a historic train as it winds through the picturesque Mary Valley. Followed by a visit to two local farms in the region, it’s a perfect opportunity for food lovers to enjoy a taste of local heritage along with delicious fare.

Thursday 9 May – Mary Valley Rattler & Food Experience – Book tickets HERE

Don’t miss these other tasty GourMay events

Friday 3 May – Dingo Creek Vintners Lunch
Thursday 16 May – “The 100 Foot Journey”

Sip and Savour at Noosa Eat & Drink – May 30 – June 2

After a few years hiatus, the Noosa Eat & Drink Festival is
back! Prepare yourself for a range of events featuring celebrity chefs, fine food and drinks.

Creative Tours have partnered up with 2 of the region best distilleries to create GINTastic Noosa & Pomona! A highlight of the Noosa Eat & Drink festival, this experience is a paradise for gin aficionados and gourmet enthusiasts alike. Participants will have the opportunity to explore Seabourne
Distillery for a private tour and tastings, followed by lunch and drinks at Pomona Distilling Co. The event combines the laid-back atmosphere of Noosa with innovative food and drink experiences, making it a must-visit for those who
cherish fine spirits and good company.

Saturday 1 June – GINtastic Noosa – BOOK HERE

Don’t miss…
Thursday 30 May – Brews & Beef: The Ultimate Wagyu & Lager Experience with Heads of Noosa –

Friday 31 May – Season Restaurant x Shaw + Smith Lunch –

Dive Into The Curated Plate July 26 – 4th August

Rounding out the festival season is The Curated Plate, a
tantalizing 10-day food extravaganza showcasing the finest offerings of the Sunshine Coast – from its abundant local producers and top-notch restaurants to its breathtaking natural wonders stretching from the sea to the hinterland.

Creative Tours is back again with its hugely popular celebration of seafood that offers a “Trawler to Table” experience. This immersive event includes a river cruise, visit to local fish markets, and a fine dining experience that highlights the freshest catches. It’s not just a meal; it’s an educational journey that connects diners with the source of their food, emphasizing sustainability and local seafood’s rich flavours.

Thursday 1 August – Trawler to TableBOOK HERE

Don’t miss….
Friday 26 July – Smoke & Charcoal BBQ Under the Stars!

Luxury Noosa Heli Tour

Each festival not only showcases exquisite food and drink but also features live cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs, interactive workshops, and opportunities to meet the makers. Set in some of the most picturesque locations on the Sunshine Coast, these events offer more than just food—they provide a platform for culinary creativity and cultural appreciation.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveller looking to try something new, the Sunshine Coast’s food festivals in 2024 promise an exciting and delicious adventure. Check out the event websites for more listings and prepare to dive into a world of unique flavours. Bring your appetite and join Creative Tours for an unforgettable culinary journey!